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The campaign to have more reasons to walk!!
Sunny spring mood to capture the city, street and people smile! With good weather was even more reason for walking with loved ones! Do not forget on the way to grab a couple of freshly baked and delicious croissants, coffee or a refreshing glass of sweet beverage! In a paper cup RossPack pulsating city life! To see each other more often in April for regular and new customers a special price offer.

Offer glasses of 175, 200, 300, 400, 500 ml.
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In pursuit of perfection
A project implementation production asset management system Galaxy EAM in RossPak.
Work on the project was carried out of FT-Consult, the official representative of the corporation Galaxy in Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk region, Altai Territory and the Republic of Khakassia.
To increase the accuracy and efficiency of the planning of equipment repairs, as well as reduce the time and costs for the purchase of spare parts and perform scheduled and unscheduled work of RossPak will allow the introduction of Galaxy EAM. The solution automates the land asset management, and MRO processes, outputs monitoring the technical condition of the equipment to a new level.
And let everyone believe in miracles!
The company RossPack New Year's Eve, has become one of the participants in the New Year's program, organized by the NGO Breath of Life. In the magical atmosphere of the wonderful holiday could plunge Oyashensky orphanage specialized orphanage 1 and correctional orphanage 9. It was held festive, bright and beautiful event Christmas party, which included various competitions, master classes in drawing, which was attended by, both children and educators themselves! A lot was purchased sports equipment, sea sweets, soda and juice!

The celebration ended with great success, namely the award of 6 ski sets for children who speak at national and international competitions in the "Special Olympics". We wish them good luck in the next Olympic Games, to bring even more prizes! Do not just try to help all mankind, just look around and see that someone is bad, and remember kids - this is the most precious thing we have!
Happy New Year!
Dear friends

For each New Year's Eve - it's a magical time that you want to spend happy and carefree, because as the proverb says, how to celebrate - and spend.

Plans for the coming year, we always hope for the best, we dream, make a wish, make plans. We wish that all of you and make a wish under the chiming clock, certainly fulfilled! To you and your loved ones healthy and happy, good luck to accompany in deeds to others and love fills you and your home. To bad weather held a party, and overhead the sun always shines, warming and giving a good mood.

Want to thank you for the successful cooperation in 2014 and we believe that the coming year will be for you an even more fruitful and successful! I wish that 2015 brought you the opportunity to look forward with confidence and success in all your undertakings, let this year will be full of hopes come true, a dream come true, goals achieved and pleasant discoveries!

Best wishes, the team of RossPak!
Construction of the plant RossPack
Industrial and Logistics Park and RossPack signed an agreement on construction of a factory near Novosibirsk, the company vozvedt own building. The industrial complex will be built in the village Krasnomaysky, Tver Oblast in March 2015. The first phase of the plant disposable tableware and packaging RossPack intend to launch in the first half of 2016, the second - in the second half of 2017. The project implementation period will be three years. It is planned that the plant will produce more than 250 million units of various products per year. The total investment in the project
Was awarded a large gold medal
Traditionally the company RossPack participated in the exhibition Packing Siberia 2014.
We thank you for visiting the exhibition stand of RossPack We were pleased to see our regular customers, to discuss the possibility of cooperation with new partners as well as to meet and socialize with other participants of the event.
We are proud to announce that RossPack was awarded the Grand Gold Medal in the competition Gold medal ITE Siberia in the category of plastic packaging for the development and production of original disposable tableware and packaging for catering to GOST marks.
Meet us at the exhibition!
From 21 to 23 October 2014, the company RossPack will take part in the exhibition IPACK SIBERIA 2014 which will be held in the Expo Center at: Novosibirsk, ul. The station, 104.
The exhibition will present the entire range of disposable tableware and packaging board, utensils for Railways and airlines, as well as production of consumer-size products RossPack and surely will showcase new products, such as double-layer paper cups for hot drinks, advanced, new forms of boxing for quail eggs, container lunch and snack boxes for catering.
Get advertising materials, product samples and see, discuss the possibilities of cooperation and ask representatives of all the questions will be at the booth "B501".
Great news!
Every day, perfecting its production, we are pleased to inform you that now we can produce paper cups for hot drinks, with any of your design has a minimum circulation of 50 thousand. Pieces.
Made products we can help your company to personalize your brand stand out from the competition, to be stylish and memorable mark the uniqueness of its products and services.
Paper cups RossPack is the embodiment of ideas for the realization of your business needs.

Learn details and ask questions, you can contact our managers. Call: +7(383)364-02-31, 364-02-32
Paper cups RPE 300 and 400 years of design!
In the summer and even the simple little things bring a lot of joy!

Paper cups manufactured by RossPack - a new street fashion accessory and a reason to be always on the move! Bright, summer design speaks for itself: This summer should be full of unforgettable emotions!

Offer cups of 300 and 400 ml.
Read dimensional characteristics, order a sample, buy products and ask questions, you can contact our managers. Call: +7(383)364-02-31, 364-02-32
Today, the company RossPack turns 18 years old!
Dear colleagues! Dear partners!

In which year after year, we celebrate the maturing of the company, summarize our successes and summarizes the work done and achievements that speaks about the professionalism and dedication of everyone who works in our company, on the reliability and flexibility of our suppliers and customers. We are confident that in the future we will be with you to develop a modern industrial production beneficial cooperation and achieve consistently high results!
C Sincerely, RossPak
New container RP-211 rolls and sushi!
Container own production RP-211 is perfect for the storage, transport and packaging per serving rolls or sushi. Impact-resistant, high-quality materials of the container and package design allows easy to maintain the taste, shape and type of product.

Learn dimensional characteristics, order a sample, buy products and ask questions, you can contact our managers by phone: +7(383)364-02-31, (383)364-02-32
June 1 - International Children's Day!
Many remember the genuine feeling of a true children's happiness - the beginning of long-awaited vacation, chalk drawings on the pavement, the laughter of all households. Employees RossPack this year decided to congratulate the children's orphanage 7. Their initiative has collected a small amount, which was purchased sports equipment for outdoor play.
Charity event which we are organized and conducted, we are very pleased. We decided to leave all this good tradition!- Recognized employees RossPak

Give a piece of warmth and love and it'll come to you!
May 9 - Victory Day
The greatness of the victory and the bitterness of loss in our country touched every family. Martial red banners, St. George's ribbons and carnations are not just symbols, is a tribute to those who are not with us, but those who remain in people's memory and in the hearts of all who care about the history and destiny of the motherland.

Company RossPack I sincerely wish you great joy, good health, happiness, love and success in all your endeavors!
We remember. We are proud!
New! Tortnitsy RT-235
Tortnitsy production RossPack allow to preserve the freshness of the product, protection against external influences and accentuate your pastry. Tornitz RT-235 easy to use, easy to transport. Additionally, you have the option to choose the size you want tortnitsu corresponding to your confectionery.
Welcome to cooperate!
Details by phone: +7 (383) 364-02-31, 364-02-32
The company RossPack provides metal processing services
The company RossPack provides services for metal processing milling using modern high-precision equipment (CNC machining centers HAAS VF3SS) and produces a flat metal grinding max dimensions 1500h600 mm.
For more information, please contact phone/fax: +7(383)319-03-28 or by e-mail: isubochev@rosspak.ru
Attention! What's New!
The company RossPack started production of disposable containers made of polystyrene. High-quality transparent containers RPS-250 RPS-350 RPS-500 accentuate food, protect them from external influences, maintain freshness. The container design is convenient and easy to use, allows you to find the best solution for storing and transporting products. Prices from the manufacturer.
Welcome distributors to cooperate. For more information, please call: +7 (383) 364-02-31, 364-02-32
Attention! RossPack produces cardboard cups
Company RossPack launched a disposable cardboard cups for hot and cold drinks with the original design. A distinctive advantage of paper cups are: environmental friendliness, low thermal conductivity, hygienic
We care about the environment and the health of every human being! Therefore, manufacture of cardboard glasses to meet high technical and environmental standards. Made from modern materials, glasses are durable and elegant, do not deform and are neutral to high temperature, acidic environment, hypo-allergenic.
The cardboard glasses - a convenient and inexpensive way to decorate any holiday and a wonderful support your advertising. We offer you the opportunity to promote your brand by applying a logo on the glass. You remember at first sight!

Dear distributors! We invite you to cooperation. For more information, please call: +7 (383) 364-02-31, 364-02-32