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The campaign to have more reasons to walk!!
Sunny spring mood to capture the city, street and people smile! With good weather was even more reason for walking with loved ones! Do not forget on the way to grab a couple of freshly baked and delicious croissants, coffee or a refreshing glass of sweet beverage! In a paper cup «RossPack» pulsating city life! To see each other more often in April for regular and new customers a special price offer.

Offer glasses of 175, 200, 300, 400, 500 ml.
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In pursuit of perfection
A project implementation production asset management system «Galaxy EAM» in «RossPaсk».
Work on the project was carried out of «FT-Consult», the official representative of the corporation «Galaxy» in Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk region, Altai Territory and the Republic of Khakassia.
To increase the accuracy and efficiency of the planning of equipment repairs, as well as reduce the time and costs for the purchase of spare parts and perform scheduled and unscheduled work of «RossPaсk» will allow the introduction of «Galaxy EAM». The solution automates the land asset management, and MRO processes, outputs monitoring the technical condition of the equipment to a new level.
And let everyone believe in miracles!
The company «RossPack» New Year's Eve, has become one of the participants in the New Year's program, organized by the NGO «Breath of Life». In the magical atmosphere of the wonderful holiday could plunge Oyashensky orphanage specialized orphanage №1 and correctional orphanage №9. It was held festive, bright and beautiful event Christmas party, which included various competitions, master classes in drawing, which was attended by, both children and educators themselves! A lot was purchased sports equipment, sea sweets, soda and juice!

The celebration ended with great success, namely the award of 6 ski sets for children who speak at national and international competitions in the "Special Olympics". We wish them good luck in the next Olympic Games, to bring even more prizes! Do not just try to help all mankind, just look around and see that someone is bad, and remember kids - this is the most precious thing we have!