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Highly qualified specialists of the company "RossPack" pay special attention to the quality of the products. Technologies, developed by the company accurately monitor all trends in the rapidly changing market of disposable packaging, which allows us to update the range of offered products regularly.

«RossPack» offers a wide range of packaging, made from eco-friendly and safe for food storage materials. The main materials for production are: a biaxialorientedpolystyrene (BOPS) and laminated cardboard. These materials allow to achieve high operational qualities of the final product.

With a powerful production resources and equipment of the European level, we meet the highest requirements of modern technologies in the food industry for packaging, transporting and storage of the final product.

Working for twenty-four hours a day about 100 employees of the workshop ensure a continuous production process. This guarantees uninterrupted operation in the design and manufacture of tooling and molds.

Strategies of innovative solutions of "RossPack" creative technologists and designers allow us to improve continuously the consumer properties of the package and to implement creative and technical projects of our clients.

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    «RossPack» is one of the first companies that developed the sector of disposable packaging, tableware and packaging materials in the Siberian region. The main focus is the production of rigid plastic packaging for food products and packaging of bulk stock and paste-like products, accessory of disposable sets for railway and airline companies.

    «RossPack» manufactures products from environmentally friendly and safe for food storage materials. The used materials allow to achieve high performance characteristics of the final product. The company provides the constant introduction and development of modern technologies and continuous quality control from raw material to shipment to the end consumer. A wide range of manufactured goods is constantly increasing. Currently manufactured products includes more than 90 items of various plastic packaging, paper tableware and single-served food. The company provides services to manufacture products for individual orders and to put the logo of the client.

    «RossPack» products are sold in the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

    Our clients are a chain of food retailers, shops, meat processing plants and the enterprises of the dairy industry, poultry farms, fast food restaurants, airports, catering, food factories, confectionery factories, wholesale-retail companies, delivery food services, coffee shops and others.

    Full cycle waste-free production process allows to use raw materials and energy more efficiently, thereby ensuring minimum loss of resources and the low cost of manufactured goods during the production, therefore we offer favorable conditions of cooperation and competitive prices to our customers. The metal area with the engineering division of the company offer a full cycle of services for the design and manufacture of molds of any complexity. Highly qualified technologists and designers improve consumer properties of the packaging and implement creative projects of our clients. Successful solutions on individual orders allow our customers to differentiate their brand. Many of the projects and products designed by the engineering department, are protected by the patent. One of the promising directions which «RossPack» is actively developing on the Russian market of disposable tableware today is the production of paper cups and packaging for HoReCa (Horeca). The advantage of the company in the field of manufacturing paper cups is a modern high-performance equipment. The glasses are available in various sizes and volumes, of single and double layer. Customers are offered both turnkey solutions of design and branding paper cups. Currently, the development of technology and improvement of product quality are the decisive terms of our competitiveness on the domestic and foreign markets. The company «RossPack» has firmly established itself as a reliable partner in the packaging industry. Creating strong partnerships today, the company «RossPack» looks into the future.