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Corporate life «RossPack»


The company «RossPack» always goes towards their employees and creates favorable conditions for the development of capacities. Every employee in our company has the opportunity to attend a variety of activities and participate in seminars, workshops, trainings. Constant practice in the company becomes a meeting with interesting people and stories are very well motivated employees «RossPack». Colleagues often hold presentations in the office, sharing their experiences. All of this has a positive effect on comfortable office environment and constantly introduces innovations in the work of employees.




Sport and Tourism

Active recreation and a healthy lifestyle pays great attention to the company «RossPack». Many employees are engaged in sports sections of the city, so we are always happy to spend time outdoors and take part in active team building. This command brings up a great mood - the focus of everyone's overall result and the ability to communicate effectively in a team.






«To work as work, to walk so to walk!» Our team is not only colleagues, but also mates for life. On the day of birth, we always prepare a pleasant surprise to a colleague, and the management announces gratitude. Corporate events are an integral part of our work, they always have an interesting theme, where each employee makes their creative ideas.





Awards for the best

The quality of the company «RossPack», is expressed not only in the growth of wages and career opportunities, but also in the annual awards program. Most active and purposeful people awarded the symbol of quality «RossPack», which is a well-deserved reward and praise, its owners are the guardians of the corporate culture and get certain privileges and gifts.